As A Rideshare Driver, What Are My Options After An Accident?

Uber and Lyft have become one of the most common ways for people to get around. Just like other drivers, they run the risk of being involved in an accident. When that happens, put your trust in Bragoli & Associates We have worked with clients throughout New York who need help understanding their options.

What Happens After A Crash Is Crucial

Since this is a rather new practice area, the laws are constantly changing. Having a firm that stays up to date on the ever-changing legal system is imperative. Like other accident cases, proving who was at fault is the first step. Even if you are partially responsible, you still may be able to recover compensation. Our firm will do everything it can to build the strongest possible case in your defense. From examining police reports to talking to the necessary experts, our goal is to make your voice heard.

What makes these cases complicated is insurance coverage. Each driver is required to have their own insurance before they start driving. When you are active and on a trip, Uber and Lyft have additional insurance policies that they must have in order to operate in New York. Each case is different, which means attention to detail is crucial. Our firm is here to help you through all stages of the process.

Act Now; Call Today

If you are a rideshare driver and have been involved in an accident, the smartest thing you can do is talk to a knowledgeable attorney. We are ready and willing to help those who need it most. To schedule a consultation with someone in our Melville office, call 631-490-4878 today. You can also fill out our contact form.