Bicyclists Have Rights On The Road

In New York, bicyclists are everywhere. Whether you are cruising to work or visiting a friend, it’s a common way to get around. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. The bicycle accident lawyers at Bragoli & Associates have worked with clients who are interested in holding the negligent party accountable. We will do everything we can to represent what is best for you.

Serious Injuries Deserve Serious Compensation

While the city has made an effort to make the streets more bicycle-friendly, it’s still a dangerous place for people who have to dodge cars and taxis. Because of the difference in size, these accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. From scrapes and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, these cases must be handled with the utmost care. The first thing you should do is seek medical care. The next thing you should do is reach out to an experienced bike crash attorney.

Our experienced bicycle collision injury lawyers use a hands-on approach when it comes to these types of cases. We examine medical records, gather the necessary evidence and talk to experts in the field. The goal is to build the strongest possible case. Without the right lawyer by your side, you could end up with less than you deserve. We will fight for the monetary compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering so you can heal.

Cyclists injured in accidents may have a few different options available to them as they seek compensation for their injuries. The insurance policy of the vehicle involved in the accident may be used to provide benefits to the injured cyclist according to New York’s no-fault laws. Additionally, the cyclist’s own homeowner’s insurance policy could also be applicable in certain situations.

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