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Should I Seek Medical Attention After A Car Accident?

Should I Seek Medical Attention After A Car Accident?

Medical Attention After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Accidents happen in an instant. Immediately following an accident, you may be hurt and you may also be quite shaken up. You are under a lot of stress after an accident, especially if you were hit by a larger vehicle like a truck. The police will respond and will ask you if you need medical attention. In some instances, the paramedics will arrive on the scene and perform a preliminary check. They are most commonly looking for serious injuries that would require immediate transport to the hospital. What should you do if you do not immediately feel injured?

Seek Medical Attention

Although you do not have to go to the hospital by ambulance from the scene, you should seek medical attention sooner rather than later. The longer you wait to get medical care, the more difficult it will become to prove that your injuries occurred as a result of the accident. Many people report feeling fine right after a crash only to realize later that they are actually severely injured.

You may not feel pain right after an accident. This is referred to as the “fight or flight” response of the human body. The body produces a high level of endorphins that can alter or suppress both emotional and physical trauma. Some people only feel pain after the accident is over and their body is back to normal. The result is that you may not know whether you have sustained an injury immediately following an accident and if so if it is severe enough to warrant medical care.

Do Not Wait to See a Doctor

The general rule of thumb is to get medical treatment as soon as you can, and no later than 72 hours after the accident. It is better to see the doctor on the same day as the accident, whenever possible. You may be struggling with whether your injury is bad enough to need a doctor’s care.

You should visit the doctor even if you do not immediately think your injury is serious. Some injuries, such as head trauma, will worsen quickly if you do not get proper diagnosis and treatment. If you hit your head in any way or if you were knocked unconscious at all, you should always go to the doctor within just a few minutes of the accident.

You can seek the care of any qualified doctor, but it is important to explain that the reason for your visit was your involvement in a vehicle accident. This information will be noted on all of our medical records and will be proof that you sought medical care specifically for your accident-related injury. You can see a specialist, a chiropractor, or visit the emergency room. Keep in mind that this is just the first step in your medical treatment. You must continue to follow through on the medical care that you obtain. Keep records of all your doctor or hospital visits as well as any bills for medical services and medications.

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