What legal options do bike couriers have after an injury?

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People often wonder why New York bike messengers and couriers remain in an industry that provides little or no personal protection. We say it does not matter why someone chooses a potentially dangerous job.

When seriously harmed by the carelessness of another, everyone has the right to be made whole again. For bicycle couriers, a personal injury lawsuit is just about the only way they can pay for treatment and become whole once more.

You usually have 3 options after a biking injury

The details of how and where your harm arose will decide the ideal legal option for you.

  1.   If an automobile driver caused your injuries in a collision or other incident, you have the right to seek financial relief through an accident claim.
  2.   If a store owner’s dog attacks you during a delivery on their property, explore a possible premises liability lawsuit.
  3.   If a defective part on your bike failed and caused you injury, you might qualify for a product liability claim.

Common causes of bike delivery injuries

As you may imagine, many cyclists suffer harm in vehicle accidents caused by speeding, carelessness, intoxication and distractions. Another often overlooked risk for couriers is dooring. It can lead to severe injury if a vehicle occupant abruptly opens a car door in the path of a bicycle.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your harm, you need more information. Consider learning about each legal option presented here to maximize your financial compensation.