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Ten percent of construction workers in the United States get injured on the job every year. Over the course of a 45 year career, construction workers have a 1/200 chance of being involved in a fatal construction accident. With these types of odds, it is likely that you, or someone you know, will be involved in a construction accident. Although nothing can alleviate the pain & suffering an accident victim endures, hiring an experienced construction accident lawyer to navigate the process, is imperative to receiving the maximum compensation for your injuries.


Construction site injuries are often caused by negligence or equipment malfunctions. A construction accident may affect a construction worker, a visitor to a construction site or a passerby. Some common types of construction site accidents include crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, slip & fall accidents and electrocution accidents.

When a person is injured at a New York construction site, he or she should immediately contact an experienced construction accident attorney. A construction accident attorney can assist you in taking legal action immediately for workers’ compensation benefits and/or to obtain monetary compensation to reimburse for medical bills.

Working with the New York construction accident lawyers at Bragoli & Associates will afford you the opportunity to focus on your physical and mental recovery, while your claim is handled by a competent professional. In fact, your chance of optimizing your financial recovery is largely contingent on the skill and experience of your attorney.

If you have been seriously injured as the result of negligence at a construction site, contact the highly experienced construction accident attorneys at Bragoli & Associates today for a free legal consultation.

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