Vehicle accident-related hand injuries shatter more than bone

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Surviving a serious car accident is undeniably fortunate, but severe injuries occur commonly and can devastate your finances and way of life. 

Hand and wrist injuries – often dismissed as minor by crash victims – can lead to significant physical, emotional and financial burdens. When severe, they can even impact your earning capacity by making it hard to work in your chosen trade. 

Learning about traumatic hand (and wrist) injuries can help you fight for maximum compensation when preparing your New York car accident claim.

Bone fractures

The intricate bones in our hands and wrists are susceptible to breaks, ranging from hairline cracks to complex shattering fractures. They can lead to chronic pain and limited mobility and often require surgery, casting or physical therapy.

Ligament and tendon damage 

These structures stabilize joints in the body and enable movement. Torn or sprained tendons and ligaments can cause instability, weakness, and persistent pain, potentially limiting hand dexterity and grip strength.

Punctures and lacerations

Deep cuts and punctures are not uncommon in accidents. Shattered glass, razor-sharp metal and flying debris in a crash can cause much physical harm, even mutilating hand injuries. Since your hands are front and center, they stand to gain severe trauma in a collision.

Accident-related amputations

Unfortunately, auto accidents sometimes result in the loss of one or more fingers or even the whole hand. Amputations can occur during a violent vehicle accident. You can also lose them if your doctors decide your hand injuries are severe enough to warrant surgical amputation. 

The financial toll of hand and wrist injuries often extends far beyond medical bills. Lost wages, decreased earning capacity, and the need for assistive devices or home modifications can create significant financial hardship. An experienced representative can explain your rights and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.