Managing the aftermath of a T-bone accident

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A T-bone collision, also known as a side-impact crash, occurs when the side of one vehicle is hit by the front or rear of another, forming a “T” shape. This type of accident often results in significant vehicle damage and serious injuries, especially when one of the vehicles involved is significantly bigger than the other

Immediately following a T-bone accident, it’s imperative to prioritize your safety and health, as well as the safety and health of others involved in the collision. If you can move without pain or injury, check on the well-being of passengers and the other driver. Call emergency services for medical assistance and police presence. Even if there are no visible injuries, it’s crucial to seek medical attention as the noticeable onset of some symptoms can be delayed.

Take your next steps carefully

Once you’ve ensured everyone’s safety, document the accident scene if it’s safe to do so. Take photographs of the vehicles’ positions, any skid marks, traffic signs and the scene generally. This evidence can be invaluable later when determining fault and dealing with insurance claims and/or personal injury lawsuits. 

You’ll also want to exchange necessary information with the other driver, including names, contact information, insurance details and vehicle registration numbers. Be cautious not to discuss fault or apologize, as this could be misinterpreted as an admission of liability. Once you’ve spoken to others involved in the crash, make sure to get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the collision as well. 

Considering how complex the aftermath of T-bone accidents can be, you’ll also likely want to seek legal guidance sooner rather than later. When it comes to understanding your rights and options under the law, knowledge (and support) truly is power.