Tips to help kids stay safe as they return to school

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Personal Injury |

If you have ever seen a group of children traveling together, you’ll know they can sometimes get so excited they forget where they are. Clearly, that can prove dangerous if they are surrounded by traffic.

As the kids return to school, consider reminding them of some essential safety tips when out on the roads.

When crossing the road

Use marked pedestrian crossings wherever possible. If none are available, look for a safe place to cross, avoiding where parked cars obscure their view and obscure drivers’ view of them.

When getting on or off buses

It’s essential to let the bus stop fully before approaching the door. Jostling while waiting to get on could lead to someone falling under the wheels so wait patiently, even if it means you don’t get your choice of seat.

When riding a bicycle

If your child rides to school, help them choose an appropriate route. If there are designated cycle paths, use them. Otherwise, try and find a route with less traffic that avoids complex intersections or the need to turn across the flow of traffic.

Staying visible is crucial, especially as the days get shorter, so check your child’s bike has reflectors and working lights, and consider getting them bright or reflective clothing. A helmet can also help should they come off.

Above all, it is important to teach your child that not all road users will be taking sufficient care to watch out for children. So watching out for their own safety can reduce the chance you will need to seek compensation because someone injures them.