Pickup trucks are getting larger, and that’s dangerous for everyone

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Over the years, it’s clear that pickup trucks in the United States have been getting larger. For one thing, drivers are less likely to buy small or midsize pickups, choosing oversized vehicles instead. For another, the simple design of pickup trucks has gotten larger as these vehicles have developed longer cabs and gotten taller.

To some degree, this just has to do with branding. Many pickup truck manufacturers use terms like “powerful “or “rugged” to describe their vehicles. People want a large, powerful-looking vehicle, even if they do not actually need to own one.

In some ways, these larger vehicles can keep their passengers and drivers safer. But for everyone else, this is a serious issue.

Greater danger to pedestrians

For example, there is a greater risk to runners, dog walkers, children and other pedestrians. These large trucks are more likely to cause fatal injuries because the impact point will be so high, potentially near someone’s chest, neck or head. Additionally, these large trucks have huge blindspots that mean drivers sometimes can’t even see pedestrians in a crosswalk in front of them.

Greater danger for people in other vehicles

When two vehicles collide and there’s a major weight difference between the two, energy is transferred into the smaller vehicle and it will be pushed backward. So pickup truck drivers, directly through their choice of vehicle, are increasing the odds of serious injuries or even fatalities for everyone else.

As long as this trend continues, the roads are going to be getting more dangerous. Those who have been injured need to know how to seek financial compensation.