4 parties that can be liable for a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck accidents can be complicated. Besides a high possibility of serious injuries, it can be challenging to know the party liable for the accident. The driver may be responsible, but not always, and at times, more than one party may be liable. Establishing the appropriate liable party is crucial when you are involved in a truck accident

Here are four possible ones:

1. Driver

The driver may be responsible for an accident when their negligence caused it. For example, if they violate a traffic law by speeding, running a red light, drunk driving, not yielding to others and so on.

They may also be liable if they willingly violate the truck company’s regulations. For instance, if they fail to take breaks as required, resulting in fatigue.

2. Trucking company

The trucking company may be liable for an accident when their negligence causes it. For example, if they fail to maintain the trucks properly or have a work policy that encourages drivers to engage in aggressive behaviors. Employing unskilled drivers and not training them may also make a trucking company liable.

3. Cargo loaders

The company that loads cargo on the trucks should observe certain safety measures. Cargo should be properly secured and organized. Not doing so may cause the cargo to move around or spill out, which can cause a driver to lose control or fall on other drivers respectively.

4. The designer/manufacturer

If a design defect causes a truck accident, the designer may be responsible. However, if a defect that occurred during the manufacturing process causes an accident, the manufacturer may be responsible. 

Is there an easier case?

Any truck accident can be challenging, but a case can be more manageable when the truck driver is evidently liable. Nonetheless, with legal guidance, you should obtain more information about your case and discover the party to hold responsible.