2 ways to obtain compensation after a dog bite injures you

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Dogs are generally lovable animals but can cause grave injuries in an attack. You may associate bites and attacks with large dogs, but all can become aggressive under certain circumstances.

For example, if they feel threatened or afraid, they may bite to protect themselves from perceived harm. Some people even teach their dogs to be mean or aggressive to others.

Individuals who have suffered injuries in a dog bite may have grounds to seek financial compensation under New York’s dog bite laws. Here are two things to consider:

Find out if it is a “dangerous dog”

Dogs previously reported for attacking, injuring or killing people or other animals are classified as dangerous. Those bitten or harmed by a dangerous dog can seek compensation through civil actions, as owners of a recognized dangerous dog are strictly liable for victim injuries.

Further, the owner of a dangerous dog who allows the animal to attack again will likely face criminal charges or civil penalties.

Find out if negligence is a factor

Some dog owners do not take steps to prevent their animals from harming others. For example, if the owner did not leash the dog during an evening walk, they may be liable if it bites someone unprovoked.

In New York, owners must keep their pets on a leash in public places. Failure to do so is a form of negligence you can use to obtain economic restitution.

Discover your options

Before you move forward in holding a dog owner liable for your bite injuries, consider seeking a legal opinion. Such guidance can help you determine how best to proceed with your case.