4 hazards of working with power tools

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Construction Accidents |

Construction workers use power tools on a regular basis. Staying safe while using these tools requires proper safety procedures. Another aspect of power tool safety is having safe tools to use, but even seemingly safe tools might be unsafe if they’re dangerous due to a manufacturing defect.

There are four primary hazards to consider when working with power tools. These include:

Electrical hazards

Power tools that are electrically powered can pose risks such as electric shock, electrocution, and fires. Damaged cords and faulty wiring can increase these risks. Inspect cords and wiring regularly so you can tag out unsafe tools.

Cuts and lacerations

Many power tools have sharp blades or cutting edges that can cause serious cuts or lacerations if they come into contact with the skin. To prevent these injuries, always use tools with the proper safety guards and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe operation.

Noise hazards

Prolonged exposure to loud noise from power tools can result in hearing loss or damage. To minimize the risk of noise-induced hearing loss, wear hearing protection when using loud tools and limit the duration of exposure to high noise levels.

Vibration hazards

Prolonged use of power tools that generate vibration, such as drills, grinders or jackhammers can lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome, which can cause pain, numbness and reduced dexterity in the hands and arms. To reduce the risk of HAVS, use tools with vibration-dampening features and wear anti-vibration gloves when appropriate.

Construction workers who are injured using a power tool need to determine the cause of the injury so they know who to hold financially liable. New York law has time limits for these cases, so don’t wait too long.