5 common causes of slip and fall accidents

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Most people don’t expect to get hurt when walking in the common room of an apartment building or running errands. Unfortunately, accidents, especially ones involving slips and falls, are frequent occurrences.

According to the NFSI (National Fall Safety Institute), slip and fall incidents account for more than 1 million hospital visits per year. There are several causes behind slip and fall accidents, and here are five of them.

Recently waxed or mopped floors

It takes several minutes for a floor to dry after someone waxes or mops it. Sometimes, it’s easy to notice wet floors in a shiny room during the daytime. However, they’re not always obvious, particularly if a room is dim or it’s dark outside.


Suppose a customer is walking down an aisle in a grocery store. A stocker who works there negligently leaves a box in the walkway. The customer in question trips over it and sprains their ankle.

Stairways without handrails

Some buildings possess long stairways without handrails. Therefore, clients take their chances when stepping up and down the stairs. But vulnerable populations — like small children and seniors — can lose their balance and fall over.

Rough, uneven surfaces

Some stores, motels and other businesses do a poor job of maintaining floor quality. The floors could be old and splintered, or the carpeting might have holes that could trap a person’s foot and trip them.

Unsalted ice and snow

Slips and falls aren’t limited to indoor spaces. During winter, building caretakers must put salt on ice and snow to prevent falls. Sadly, some fail to do this, and passersby or customers slip and hurt themselves.

No one should worry about getting hurt when conducting routine activities. If you or a loved one got injured at a public place or a residential building, reach out to legal assistance to learn about personal injury compensation.