3 points to know about spinal cord injuries

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People who are in automobile crashes can suffer from a host of injuries. One of the possible injuries is to the spinal cord. This is often due to the violent motion that occurs at the time of impact. While spinal cord injuries are more common in high-speed crashes, they’re possible in lower-speed wrecks.

For most people who have a spinal cord injury, it will be evident at the scene of the crash. They’ll have severe pain or a limited range of motion. A spinal cord injury is a medical emergency, so it’s critical to get to the hospital right away. The spine should be stabilized during all movement to minimize the risk of worsening the injury.

Effects are always lower than the injury

A spinal cord injury will always affect the area of the body that’s lower than the damage. This means that a lower back injury will affect less of the body than a neck injury. Not all spinal cord injuries result in paralysis. Some lead to other issues, such as difficulty with balance or numbness in the affected area of the body.

Healing is possible after a spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries are either complete, which means the cord is fully severed, or incomplete, which means the cord is only partially severed. An incomplete injury is more likely to heal than a complete injury. The medical care received after the injury can also play a role in how well a person recovers.

The effects may seem worse at first

Spinal shock can make the injury seem worse than it truly is. This is because of the body’s natural reaction to the injury and the inflammation that comes with the reaction.

Anyone who’s injured in a crash should learn about their right to seek compensation for the damages they’re having to deal with because of the injuries. There’s a limited time to do this in New York so seeking compensation quickly is important. It helps if you have someone on your side who’s familiar with these matters and how to make the points in your case clear.