Speeding is a primary cause of auto accidents in New York

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New York City is inordinately busy all day, every day. Because the roads are constantly congested and people are in a rush, the pieces are in place for speed-related auto accidents. While there are other potential catalysts for accidents including distracted driving, drowsy driving and drivers who are under the influence, speed is such a major concern that lawmakers are striving for ways to prevent it. Given the statistics across the nation and New York looking for ways to make the roads safer, people need to be vigilant and cautious. After an accident has happened, they must also think about how to proceed.

In 2021, auto accidents were on the rise

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 2021 saw a spike of more than 10% in fatalities when compared to 2020. This was the worst statistical year for fatalities on U.S. roadways since 2005. Much of that is believed to have been because drivers are taking greater liberties with safety when out on the road. They are driving at excessive speeds, checking their cellphones, drinking and driving and taking advantage of infrastructure flaws to ignore the law and place others in jeopardy.

New York strives to reduce speeding with speed camera law

Because speeding is so problematic in New York, lawmakers have passed a law that will extend the current speed camera program by three years. In addition, instead of only working at certain hours, these cameras will be in operation 24/7. Obstacles remain for its full passage, but this is indicative that everyone realizes how much speeding is placing people at risk.

There are almost 2,000 such speed cameras across New York City and 750 in school zones. Drivers who are caught on film going beyond the posted speed limit by at least 11 miles per hour receive a ticket in the mail. Before this law, the cameras only operated from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the workweek.

It was during the hours in which they were not operating that many accidents occurred. Statistically, 59% of fatal crashes where there was a camera installed occurred during the times they were off. While they were in operation, the number of vehicles that sped lowered by 72%, and fatalities reduced by 55%.

Even with enhanced strategies, the roads are still rife with speeders

Anyone who is out and about in New York is vulnerable — from the pedestrian taking a walk, the jogger trying to get some exercise, the delivery person trying to earn a living and a person who is in their vehicle heading to work, school or a leisure activity. Drivers speeding is an unfortunate fact of life in New York and that is likely to continue even with speed cameras operating round the clock. After an accident, people are understandably overwhelmed.

Knowing where to go for advice and whom to trust when considering legal options can be complicated. A key is to have guidance that will rapidly assess the tenets of the auto accident case and conclude how much it is worth. This can be done quickly and give people an idea of what steps to take. With medical costs, property damage, lost time at work and long-term care concerns, this is imperative. If there is a fatality, it becomes even more important. The cause of the collision is also crucial. Those who are seeking help and advice should know who to turn to and contacting experienced and caring people is vital.