Common causes of truck accidents

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With millions of trucks on the road every day, something is bound to go wrong at some point. However, the stakes are much higher here. Accidents involving trucks are unlike other crashes, as victims rarely get away unscathed. The risk of catastrophic injuries or even death is higher in trucking accidents.

So, what are the causes behind accidents involving large trucks?

The human factors

Human actions contribute to a significant number of trucking accidents. Speeding, disregarding traffic lights or drunk driving are some of the common reasons, but there is more to it. For instance, truck drivers are only supposed to drive for a maximum number of hours and take breaks to rest. However, some disregard this and end up fatigued behind the wheel, leading to accidents. 

Driver distraction is also widespread among all drivers, and truckers are no exception. When a driver takes their eyes off the road, it is a recipe for disaster.

Unsecured loads

A truck’s cargo weighs tons, and when they are not secured properly, they can cause accidents. An unsecured load could make the truck driver lose control of the truck. It could also fall and crush smaller cars beside the truck.

Blind spots

Areas around the truck where the driver cannot see using their mirrors are deadly spots, especially for smaller vehicles. A truck driver cannot act in time to prevent a disaster if the other vehicle is not visible to them.

Vehicle malfunction

Like all other vehicles, trucks need to undergo regular maintenance to check on things like tires and brakes. An unroadworthy truck is a danger to other motorists, and there are laws addressing this. If a trucking company flouts these regulations and fails to service the truck, they could be held responsible for the accident.

Other reasons like poor roads, bad weather and oil slicks also contribute to trucking accidents.

Establishing the cause of your crash

Given that so many reasons can be behind a truck accident, it is crucial to establish the cause of your crash. Determining this will help you know the parties to hold responsible when pursuing compensation.