How the New York Scaffold Law protects construction workers

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New York City is home to some of the tallest and most impressive buildings not just in the state but across the entire country. The thousands of dedicated construction workers erect, modify and maintain those edifices do so at no small amount of personal risk.

Construction is a profession with a strong correlation with not only serious injuries but also workplace fatalities. Bad weather, powerful but dangerous machinery and working at great heights all add to the risks for construction work in New York. Those that own buildings and companies providing work may put profits before safety at the cost of the very people building or repairing a building.

What is the New York Scaffold Law?

Long before the federal government put rules in place to protect workers, New York enacted protective laws for those working on the rapidly-rising city skyline. The Scaffold Law of 1885 has long created liability for building owners and their representatives, as well as the companies overseeing large construction or renovation projects.

The New York courts have frequently upheld the rights of injured workers to bring claims under the scaffolding law. In recent years, they even ruled that those who fall from the same height, not from an elevation, have grounds for a claim. Workers hurt because of negligence, especially in gravity-related incidents, may be able to bring a claim against the building’s owner.

Such a claim could be in addition to any workers’ compensation benefits that they may qualify for based on their employment arrangements. Knowing what actions can protect you after a construction injury in New York will help you connect with the support you need for your injuries.