3 tips for biking safely in the city streets

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

NYC is a city of constant traffic, busy sidewalks and constant noise. It is a wonder how any average bicyclist gets anywhere. Yet, somehow there are plenty of bikers going about their day with ease. 

This might get you wondering: How do these bikers avoid accidents in the city? 

Watch for doors 

It is always best to assume a car door is just about to open. Few people have the foresight to look at their side mirror or use the dutch reach before opening the door. Hitting an open door could send you flying off your bike and over the door leading to skull and spinal injuries. 

Follow road rules 

It is easy to assume that cyclists obey the same traffic laws as pedestrians. It is actually the case that bikes are considered vehicles. Meaning you must obey the same traffic laws as the cars around you. However, drivers may be confused about this and wrongly assume what you will do next.

Watch for large vehicles 

Oversized vehicles are littered with blind spots. You have to watch for buses, trucks and oversized vehicles that may not see you around them. These drivers may decide to change lanes while you are still there, causing you to be injured. Generally, if you can see yourself in the vehicle’s mirror, the driver can see you. 

Following these tips will not guarantee safety. There is still the possibility of a reckless driver causing you injury. You may need experienced help if you find yourself in a biking accident with another vehicle.