Time changes and traffic accidents

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With the recent time change in New York and most of the rest of the country, many people are having trouble adjusting. Having more light at the end of the day is a nice thing. However, there are some negative consequences that come with changing the clocks for some people. The clocks will be moved ahead by one hour and that means that people will lose one hour of sleep. For people who need to drive somewhere early in the morning, one consequence of the time change may be drowsy driving. Another possible consequence is other people out and about on the streets, such as children and other pedestrians, which can also pose danger.

There are some issues that may turn a safe driving environment into a compromised situation that could cause danger for you and for the other people on the road (drivers as well as pedestrians and children on foot). The chance of personal injury may be increased and the consequences may be extremely unpredictable because of the time change.

Drowsy driving

If you do not feel as though you have a clear mind when you are driving since losing an hour of sleep, it is important to drive slower and get out of the way of other drivers, especially the ones who are driving fast. Falling asleep at the wheel may prove to have long-term consequences.

Drowsy driving can come in many forms, including the driving not being able to keep their eyes open. If a driver is tired, their level of alertness and judgment is comparable to that of an alcohol-impaired driver. Human beings need sleep to function properly when they are awake. If a driver misses one or two hours of sleep, their chances of getting into an accident basically doubles.

Legal support from a lawyer with motor vehicle accident experience

Driving on streets with traffic around you and with pedestrians and children out and about can be precarious and dangerous. If you add drowsy driving to that situation, the risk is even greater. If you have has an accident, an astute New York lawyer may be able to help you to achieve the best possible results. The lawyer can help you to navigate the legal process and help you to get your life back to where it should be.