How to claim compensation after your store slip-and-fall

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Slip-And-Fall Accidents |

At the store, you were focused on finding what you needed to buy — you did not see the large puddle of water next to shelves of merchandise. You fell.

Now, while you are recovering from your injury, you are unable to work. You will have to undergo physical therapy once you have recovered. All of this means time and money for you.

Make a record of your accident and the injuries you suffered

As soon as you are able to do so, write out what caused you to fall. You know that your foot slipped in that puddle of water. This makes the store owner liable for your accident.

You might have to get in touch with others who saw what caused you to slip and fall down. Document your injury and its severity as well. Learning about  premises liability can help you successfully win your claim.

What is premises liability?

This law details what store owners have to do to ensure that their premises are safe from hazardous conditions or unseen dangers. Responsible property owners regularly look for any hazardous issues and take care of them. Irresponsible property owners do not correct hazards.

People have successfully filed claims for compensation by proving that the premises they were in had a safety hazard.

Filing a successful liability claim

By remembering everything you can and writing it down, you take a big step toward filing a claim for your injuries.

Stores usually have security video being recorded in different parts of the property. This can become valuable evidence for your claim. While the store owner might say you caused your own accident, the video could prove you right.