Trucking companies that embrace technology increase safety

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If asked to name which companies use artificial intelligence (AI), you probably would not mention trucking firms. AI does not fit with the image of a burly guy in a cap drinking coffee from a paper cup. Yet, times have changed. Not only do truck companies now employ many female drivers, but they also use AI. Or, some of them do, at least.

AI is reaching into all areas of life and work, and the range of tasks it can help with will only continue to grow. While there are issues with AI, it can provide significant benefits, such as reducing the number of truck crashes.

Some trucking companies are still resisting putting AI in their fleet, complaining it costs too much. Yet, while it will require an initial outlay, not taking advantage could cost more. The average cost of a truck crash is well over $100,000 once you take everything into account. That is if no one else is involved. When the truck hits another vehicle, the cost can reach millions.

What AI is available for trucking companies?

AI can help freight companies in several ways:

  • It can monitor drivers: It can help freight controllers track their driver’s performance, allowing them to work out who needs extra training or who needs to find another career. It can see which drivers are using their phones, are distracted, or are driving dangerously. It can also alert the drivers to wake up, pay attention, or slow down.
  • It can monitor the vehicle: AI can alert the fleet manager when repairs or adjustments are needed. It can help save money by monitoring fuel use, tire pressure, and other things that affect running costs.

If a truck injures you, finding out what safety systems the company had in place will be crucial. If they have not taken advantage of technology, they need to pay for their decision to put profit before safety.