Bronx elevator accident causes fatality and injury

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Construction workers, despite their skill and the often-routine nature of their jobs, face risks of serious injury or death from falls and other dangers. A construction supervisor and another worker were victims of one of New York’s construction accidents  when an elevator dropped to the ground in a charter school under construction in the Bronx. The supervisor was killed, and the worker suffered serious injuries in this accident.

Plunged four stories

The accident occurred around 8:15 am on at building near Lincoln Avenue in Mott Haven on May 19.  Two workers were transporting construction debris when the elevator plunged four stories from the top to the ground floor, according to a city department of buildings official.

The supervisor was killed in the crash. The other worker was transported to Lincoln Hospital in critical condition.

The building is being converted into a K-12 dream charter school and will contain a dance room, art room, graphic design lab, library hall, other specialty classrooms and a 6,670 square-foot gymnasium. Plans also include transforming the rooftop into a student recreational space and playground.

The construction crew was working under active permits to complete a major alteration and vertical enlargement to the existing structure. Another permit allowed them to work on the elevator.


Workers did not know the cause of the accident. One worker said that safety measures were in place.

The buildings department issued a stop work order during it investigation of this incident. The department’s elevator division and the New York City police department will also participate in this investigation.

This was not the only construction fatality at this site. A worker was killed in Dec. 2019 after falling through an opening on the second floor and plunging 20 feet.

Victims of these accidents and their families may be entitled to compensation if there was negligence or a code violation. An attorney can assist them with obtaining information and pursuing their rights.