Who faces blame for a construction worker’s injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

Construction workers may find themselves at risk for injuries to a greater degree than other professionals in New York. The reasons are not difficult to understand: A construction site may come with many hazards, and people could get hurt simply going about their required job tasks. Unfortunately, some injuries could be the direct result of negligence.

Negligence, fault and construction accidents

When a construction worker suffers an injury, questions about fault could arise. A construction worker who lifted a cumbersome object without help might have him or herself to blame for a resulting injury. If a supervisor threatened to discipline the worker if they didn’t pick up the object, then negligence may shift to the supervisor and the construction company.

A common accident at a construction site is a slip-and-fall incident. Did one worker fall because a colleague or a third-party contractor carelessly placed something in the injured worker’s path? If so, then the person who placed the object might be at fault.

The injury from a slip-and-fall accident at a construction could be far worse than in other work environments. The fall might involve a significant height, resulting in extensive injuries and possibly death.

Other issues of fault at a construction site

Ultimately, questions about fault involve looking at the overall picture and examining the situation. Horseplay might cause harm, and those involved with the behavior could be at fault. In addition, employers who choose not to provide necessary safety training might see negligence suits filed against them. Delivery drivers who cause accidents may face insurance claims. Other third parties that cause injuries through direct actions or omissions might end up liable.

Construction site accidents could yield terrible consequences. Workers injured on the job may find it wise to meet with a personal injury attorney.