New York pedestrian and driver safety reminders

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As spring approaches and the weather warms up, more pedestrians will be outdoors. Pedestrians can be seriously injured if they are hit by a car and there are helpful reminders for drivers and pedestrians in New York to stay safe.

Pedestrian reminders

Where sidewalks are available to pedestrians, it is against the law for them to walk along the roadway. If a sidewalk is not available, pedestrians should walk on the left side of the road facing traffic so they can be seen by drivers.

Pedestrians should make sure that they do not leave a curb or other place of safety when walking and should not run or walk into the path of a vehicle. This makes it difficult for vehicles close by to yield to them.

If pedestrians are crossing a roadway where there is no marked crosswalk, they must yield the right of way to vehicles on the road.

Driver responsibilities

Drivers should be prepared to slow down or stop for pedestrians and they must yield to pedestrians crossing a roadway within a crosswalk. Also, drivers who are behind a car that has stopped for a pedestrian must not pass it.

Drivers should watch for pedestrians on sidewalks and near alleyways, buildings, private roads and driveways.

Pedestrians may suffer significant and long-lasting injuries if they are hit by a driver. These can include cuts and bruises, concussions, broken bones and fractures, internal bleeding and traumatic injuries. This may cause the pedestrian to incur expensive medical bills and lost wages from time away from work.

An experienced attorney can review the circumstances of the accident and pursue compensation on the injured person’s behalf.