Why truck driver fatigue is dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck accidents happen in New York and across the country, and there are many possibilities as to the causes of these accidents. One common cause is fatigue as many truck drivers do not take breaks as they should.

Causes of fatigue

In most cases, truck accidents due to fatigue are caused by a lack of sleep and odd working hours. In some cases, drivers may be under the influence of drugs or medications that cause drowsiness, or they may have an illness. This illness can range from something that is chronic like cancer to a cold or infection.

How fatigue leads to accidents

Fatigue has many effects on the driver. When the body does not get enough sleep, it may result in:

  • Shorter attention span while on the road
  • Slower reflex response
  • Slower decision-making process

Any of the effects listed above can lead to an accident. It is important that a truck driver cares for himself or herself in order to avoid these harmful effects.

What if an accident happens

After a truck accident caused by a drowsy driver, it is important to call emergency personnel and report the accident as soon as possible. After that, be sure to seek medical care for any injuries and contact your insurance provider.

Pursuing compensation after an accident

If you received injuries in a truck accident, it’s likely that they are serious because trucks are so much larger than passenger cars and can do a lot of damage. You may want to contact a lawyer about pursuing compensation to pay for your medical bills and time off work. A personal injury lawyer may help you receive compensation for your injuries, and there are investigations that can determine if the truck driver faced fatigue before the accident.