Do drivers need to be on alert during the fall season?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Changes in the weather create concerns for drivers, and winter weather might worry people the most. Snowy New York roads do create hazards, but drivers shouldn’t get complacent behind the wheel during the mild fall season. Leaves and debris could cause troubles, and there are other concerns. Following a few smart tips for fall driving can contribute to road safety.

One thing to worry about is daylight saving time. Darkness falls much earlier in the fall, and a late afternoon commute home from work soon becomes nighttime driving. Drivers should make sure headlights and driver safety-assist technology work well. Brushing up on nighttime driving alertness is also advisable.

Alertness extends to daytime hours. With kids going back to school, drivers must be mindful of children’s presence. Driving past a school will require added caution as kids could dart in the street. Following all the rules of the road and driving safely is essential during the school season. Does a sign say to reduce speed in a school zone? The sign exists for a reason, so drivers must not ignore it.

Again, falling leaves could create a hazard. One obvious problem involves the slickness that leaves cause on roads, especially after it rains. The beauty of falling leaves might lead some drivers to stop to look at the display, which means other cars need enough braking distance to stop. In addition, some cars park too far from the curb to stay away from leaf piles. Improper parking and unnecessary immediate stops may be forms of negligence that could contribute to an accident. Such actions shouldn’t be dismissed or taken lightly.

Routine maintenance requires a serious attitude, too. A vehicle’s tires should be in good shape for the fall. Low treads might not handle slick roads too well, and maintaining proper air pressure levels and replacing worn tires adds to safety. Drivers need to pay attention to brake work and other routine care to make sure the vehicle is safe for the road during the fall and the rest of the year.

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