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6 Ways the Insurance Company Will Try to Avoid Paying Medical Expenses

Many insurance companies try to refuse medical costs or other accident-related expenses so that they can pay out as little as possible in claims. When insurance adjusters pay less to accident victims, they keep more profits for their employers and shareholders.

Some of the specific ways that insurance companies try to avoid paying your accident-related medical expenses include claiming that:

  1. You have a pre-existing condition. The insurance adjuster may argue that the medical bills you submit to the insurance company are for medical care related to an injury you suffered before the car accident. However, if the accident made your pre-existing condition worse or if you suffer a new injury because of the accident, then your medical bills should be covered by the insurance company.
  2. Your injury could not have been caused by the accident. Do not accept the insurance adjuster’s word about this. Instead, trust your doctor to diagnose your injuries after a car crash and your car accident lawyer to prove the cause of your injuries to the insurance company.
  3. You weren’t in pain at the accident scene. Many car accident victims do not experience pain immediately, but they are still hurt in the crash. If you sought medical treatment in the days following the accident and the doctor said that your pain is related to the crash, then the insurance company may still need to pay for your medical care.
  4. You didn’t take an ambulance to the hospital after the crash. There is no requirement that you take an ambulance to the hospital after a car accident. A friend or relative may drive you to the hospital, or you may go to a doctor’s office if your injuries are non-life threatening.
  5. You are not as injured as you say. Your medical records should provide documentation about the extent of your injury. Strong evidence can remove any doubt about the injuries you suffer and how they interfere with your life.
  6. You received treatment for too long. Generally, insurance companies cover medical treatments that control your pain, improve your medical condition, or prevent your medical condition from worsening. The insurance company may argue that a specific treatment did not further any of these goals and try to deny it. Your doctor’s reason for recommending the treatment and your lawyer’s arguments to the insurance company will be important in getting your specific treatment covered.

Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined legal experience. We know the games insurance companies play and we don’t accept them. Instead, we aggressively fight to have all medical bills, and other expenses, included in our clients’ settlements.

Call Bragoli & Associates P.C. today for a free legal consultation.

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